Research Stay at Stanford University: Delving into Soft Tissue Mechanics and Innovative Model Discovery

Jan Hinrichsen and Nina Reiter on the Stanford Campus. (Image: A. Ahern)
Jan Hinrichsen and Nina Reiter on the Stanford Campus. (Image: A. Ahern)

At the end of the first EBM year 2023, Jan Hinrichsen and Nina Reiter had the opportunity to stay in the Living Matter Lab of EBM Mercator Fellow Ellen Kuhl at Stanford University in California, USA. Their stay lasted four weeks, from November 13 to December 8. During their time there, they had the pleasure of meeting highly motivated people and engaging in exciting discussions about soft tissue mechanics. They learned more about automated model discovery approaches and are now working on applying these methods to human brain mechanics. These techniques have the potential to improve the understanding of the mechanical behavior of brain tissue under finite strain and to calibrate computational models.

Outside of the inspiring atmosphere of the Stanford campus, they also found time to enjoy the beautiful weather that California is known for. They also found some snow on a trip to nearby Yosemite National Park, which offers beautiful scenery in the form of large cliffs and is home to the famous giant sequoias.

They return home with their minds full of new and exciting ideas that they are eager to apply to their projects back in Erlangen.

(Jan Hinrichsen and Nina Reiter, A01)