EBM’s 3rd Harmonization Workshop: Neuropathology

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Impressions from the EBM harmonization workshop on neuropathology (Image: Alexandra Schambony, A03)

As part of the graduate program, the EBM researchers had the opportunity to gain hands on experience on the autopsy of the human brain. The workshop was hosted by the department of neuropathology of the university hospitals Erlangen and consisted of two parts, the first one being an online introduction on focal epilepsy caused by cortical malformations given by Ingmar Blümcke. The second part of the workshop was led by Lucas Hoffmann and showed the steps necessary to dissect a brain correctly and how to look for cues in the brain tissue showing possible brain diseases and damages, which helped the attendees to better understand the anatomy of the human brain. Searching the brain tissue for possible causes of death was a humbling experience, but nevertheless a fascinating one. All participants had the chance of having their questions answered and left the
workshop with new ideas and motivation to continue their research.

Clara Froidevaux (A03)